Wednesday, 7 January 2015

NEWSLINK: Exotic Big Cat Meets its End in Canada

If you're a pet lover with a tender heart you may want to look away. An escaped exotic African cat was unfortunately struck by a vehicle last Sunday night near Otter Point, Canada. The animal had been keeping locals on edge after it was spotted in the Sook area earlier this weekend, as it was far larger than your average house cat.

That's because the cat in question was a relatively large serval cat - a rare breed of mid-sized African feline that boasts a name that is actually derived from a conjuncture of the Portuguese words for "wolf" and "deer."

And the name is no mistake. The serval is an exceptionally unusual big cat. Smaller than a tiger or leopard, the serval is still much larger than your average house cat, growing up to 3 feet long and more than 2 feet tall. The slender and graceful animal boasts a small, tabby-like face and big ears, with its long and powerful legs supporting an up to 40-pound body.

However, compared to most big cats, the serval is considered a calm and easily domesticated animal, with many exotic animal breeders specializing in rearing and training these cats to make stunning (and expensive, at about $8,000) house cats.

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