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US SIGHTINGS: Big Cat Spotted on Mountain

Posted: Thursday, December 18, 2014 12:00 am

By Mary-Justine Lanyon, Editor

When Bill Scott of Running Springs took his dog out into his backyard last Thursday, Dec. 11, at 5 a.m. before he left for work, the dog started acting very strangely.

“I always spotlight outside before we go out as she’s just a little terrier,” Scott said. “I didn’t see anything but she took off for a big boulder.”

When Scott spotlighted that boulder, what he saw was a mountain lion on top, about 15 feet away.

“I called the dog and she came to me,” he said. “I backed up, facing the mountain lion and kept the light on the boulder. I kept talking to the mountain lion, saying, ‘You don’t want to come down here.’ Its ears came up like it was listening to me.”

When the big cat spotted Scott’s dog, he said its ears went back like it was going to pounce. The cat’s head was not very wide so Scott thinks it was a female. He estimates its weight at about 90 pounds.

After he went back into the house, he took another look in the backyard but the mountain lion was gone. He warned his wife, Diane, not to let the dog out. Five minutes later, the cat was back on top of the boulder.

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