Saturday, 17 January 2015

NEWSLINK - UNITED KINGDOM-LEICESTERSHIRE-Panther, puma or pet dog? Big cat sightings in Leicestershire over the years

Black panther spotted on Leicestershire road shocks man driving to rugby match Mr Voyce, 23, who lives in Laughton, said: “I hit my brakes and realised it was a black panther. March 2013: Two giant wild cats were reported in the same area within 24 hours. Lorry driver Pip Bexon reported seeing a large black cat in fields near Melton on March 27. The following day, retired local government officer Peter Mason reported a similar creature a few miles away. October 2012: Steve Wainwright, of Redmile, spotted a ‘large black cat’ near Scalford as he was travelling home from Melton with friends. Will Parry, who was also in the car, claimed to have seen a ‘panther’ at the top of Stathern Hill. New Years Day, 2012: Teenager Sarah Burdett saw a big cat in fields at Foxton. September 2010: Solar panel fitter Pete Base was driving past Greetham Valley Golf Club, in Rutland, when he spotted what he believed was a panther about 100 yards in front of him. September 2009: Jenny Worthington spotted a big cat near Moira, days after finding a cat-like paw print. 2007: Pc Mick Kaiser, of Shepshed, was jogging along a disused railway when he saw a big black cat. July 2004: A brown, puma-like animal was seen by motorist Diane Bean, 56, of Scraptoft. It crossed the road in front of her car just outside Beeby. 2003: Government officials spotted ‘a big cat – possibly a panther’ during a woodland inspection off Tofts Hill in Stathern. September 2002: Joanna Baker, the education officer at Twycross Zoo, reported seeing a 3ft-long cat on a path near Snarestone. August 2001: Three big cats were reported several miles apart within a month – in Stathern, Twyford and Lowesby. Early 2001: Three sightings in the countryside around Coalville were reported to Leicestershire and Rutland Panther Watch within three weeks. There were also two sightings around Coalville in February the following year. September 2000: Graham Pearce, of Measham, shot video footage of a suspected big cat near the village. August 1998: Prints found at Ketton Quarry, Rutland, were believed to be those of the Catmose Cat. Castle Cement, which owned the quarry, made a set of concrete prints, which experts said appeared to be feline. Read more: Follow us: @Leicester_Merc on Twitter | leicestermercury on Facebook

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