Wednesday, 7 January 2015

US SIGHTINGS: Mountain lion released after being captured in residential area of Ventura County - update

Fish and Wildlife officials say they caught and released a mountain lion that ventured into a mobile home park in Ventura County Friday night. 

The big cat — a 75-pound female, approximately 14 months old — was seen in a residential area of South Ventu Park Road in Newbury Park. Fish and Wildlife officials and Ventura County sheriff's officials responded to the area around 5:30 p.m. Friday. 

Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman Janice Mackey said the departments worked to clear the area before tranquilizing the animal.

"We had to make sure the area was secure because once you put a dart into a lion, they have the potential to run and we may have to go looking for them," she said. "So we had to make sure a huge area was cleared out."

Mackey said the lion sprinted out and beneath another trailer after it had been darted. She said when they retrieved the lion, they found she was wearing an ear tag that marked her as part of a previous National Park Services study. 

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