Thursday, 22 January 2015

US SUIGHTING: Eagle Mountain residents report large cat, evidence inconclusive

January 07, 2015 5:00 pm • Cathy Allred Daily Herald

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EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- City staff alerted nearby schools of a possible dangerous cat in the City Center area Wednesday morning, although Utah Division of Wildlife Resources findings later in the afternoon were inconclusive.

Residents reported seeing the large cat, possibly a bobcat or cougar, south of City Center at least 100 yards from the nearest home south of Canary Way in the Sweetwater subdivision.

“I can’t even confirm that it’s a bobcat or a cougar right now,” said DWR’s Steve Gray, who after inspecting and tagging a mule deer at Camp Williams, checked for evidence at the reported site to determine the species of animal.

Gray said it wouldn’t surprise him if it was a big cat, although from the photo taken by a resident, the angle and resolution made ascertaining the breed a challenge.

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